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How To Meet And Date The Most Beautiful
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"Sweater" - is the oldest (54 years) and most famous pickup artist from “The Game” who in the last 15 months has met, partied and slept with over 75 attractive young women (many of who are aged 19 to 25 years old!)

This book is almost a day-by-day diary of his crazy lifestyle, filled with stories of amazing parties, celebrities and meeting hundreds of beautiful, young women.

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Extract from Neill Straus' The Game [page 169] about "Sweater" the author of the "Love Game"

"We'd come to Australia because Sweater, the older Australian student from Mystery's first workshop, had invited us to stay with him for a week in Brisbane ... He looked nothing like the insecure middle-aged man I had met in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel. He was tanned, healthy and after four monrhs of sarging had met the woman he wanted to marry. "I'm still having fun helping the guys here get the girls, but I am off the market." Sweater said. "And, as far as i am concerned i am getting out at the top. I have come to understand that without commitment, you cannot have depth in anything, whether its a relationship, a business or a hobby" In many ways, I was jealous. I hadn't met any woman yet I could say that about" (says Neil). Mystery was even more blown away than I was by Sweater. "I want this" he kept telling Sweater.



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Have you ever wondered how some old fat bald or skinny men get all the hot women? In this video and my book I am going to reveal the simple steps to follow which will have beautiful girls wanting to meet, and date you like moths swarming to a light on a hot summers night. This is a true story of one man’s journey into the world of beautiful women. What you’ll learn:

  • One man’s journey from despair, suicide and financial ruin . . . To health, success, happiness and love in the arms of young and beautiful women
  • How to make sure younger women find you more attractive and desirable over guys of their own age!!
  • What to say when you first meet a woman to ensure that she finds you attractive and wants to see you matter what age or looks you are!!
  • Why going out with women of your own age is the dumbest thing to do?
  • How to use the dirty old man syndrome to your advantage!!
  • What women REALLY want and how to give it to them?
  • What women can learn by reading this book? Women ONLY section. Good guys v’s bad boys. Why women are attracted to the wrong type of guy and what to do about it.
  • The best places to meet beautiful, young, available and fun women.
  • How to stay healthy and have more energy than guys half your age.
  • The easy way of developing a social circle of models, party promoters, fashion and entertainment promoters who will introduce you to as many hot girls as you want!!
  • The 7 Key Secrets to picking up women under 30.
  • How to be surrounded by hot girls wherever you go out.
  • How to use face-book and texting to build your social circle of girls and get hot dates any day of the week.
  • Where to go and what to be interested in to meet lots of young, available and beautiful girls.
  • How to dress and behave so girls half your age find you irresistible.
  • How to balance this with your family life and still have fun!!

Only $37

Here’s a complete list of what’s inside my book and why it will help you get the girls you want today!!!

Chapter #1: How I Went From Being a Shy Nerd in My 20s, 30s and 40s To Dating Hot Young Girls Now That I Am Over 50...And How You Can Do It Too!!At the age of 20 I was so shy I would cross the street if an attractive girl was walking towards me. You’ll see exactly what motivated me to get out there and overcome my shyness and lack of skill and started me on the journey to success with girls of any age!! On page 16 you’ll see the exact lines I used to find the woman of my dreams . . . well at least till I really got to know her!! 

Chapter #2: What Motivates YOU To Get Out There And Meet Beautiful Girls?To get anything in life you have to know EXACTLY what you want.  In this chapter we look at some of the most important reasons for you to be successful with girls. On page 19 and 20 you’ll discover the FIVE most powerful motivators to get you results FAST!!

Chapter #3: The Power Of Your Mind.  You Will Get Exactly What You Believe You Can!!On pages 23 and 24 you’ll find the exact formula for creating a vision and a future filled with all the girls and success you ever dreamed of!!  Most people never do this, but it really works!!

Chapter #4: Success With Girls Or Anything Else . . . Is NOT An Accident . . . It’s a Choice YOU Make!!In this revealing chapter you’ll find the 5 Step Formula for success in ANYTHING!! Use it and watch the girls flock to you like seagulls to a packet of chips and see any area of your life improve. 

Chapter #5: Be a Man. Accept Reality As It Is . . . NOT As You’d Like It To Be!!On page 29 you’ll see the one thing that most guys wish for, but that never happens and kills guy’s chances right from the start. And how to avoid it!!  On page 31 and 32 you’ll see the 4 different categories that girls put you into as soon as they meet you. And how to dress to make sure you fire up that red hot attraction in girls as soon as they see you!! 

Chapter #6: Be Realistic!! Girls Are a ‘Numbers’ Game . . . Do the ‘Numbers’ And Learn From Your Mistakes . . .In this part of the book we look at the fantasy most guys would love to happen and the reality of what actually happens when you meet a girl. And how to turn the odds in your favour when you first meet a girl!! 

Chapter #7: Learn How To Be Confident AND Fun . . . The Two Qualities Girls Say They Want MOST In a Guy . . .
On page 39 we look at how you can get the TWO most important qualities that almost ALL girls say they want from a guy!!

Chapter #8: Be ‘Direct’ . . . Tell Her The Truth About Her As YOU See It!!
On page 41 of this book I give you the exact words to say to make EVERY girl feel instant attraction towards you.  And to do it honestly with NO lies, manipulation or beating around the bush. On page 42 you’ll see the most powerful statements you can make to girls to get them to like you, be attracted to you and be TURNED ON by you!!  And on page 43 you’ll see the story of how I met a hot girl doing crazy dance moves including the opening line that worked like a charm. And it wasn’t what you are thinking!! But it was super powerful!!

Chapter #9: The Importance Of Good Body Language And Eye Contact . . .
In this chapter you’ll learn what most guys do when they see a hot girl and turn her right off from the start.  And what YOU can do to make sure the attraction switch flicks to red hot right from the first time you look at a girl.  I show you actual photos and the lines and approach that will work for you every time you use it!!

Chapter #10: Practice Your Conversation Starters . . .
I this chapter I reveal the most powerful and tested opening lines to say to a girl to get her attracted to you. Including specific opening lines I use in Supermarkets, on the street, in a club, in an elevator and any other pace you are likely to find yourself.   And, most importantly . . . what to say AFTER she responds to your opening line to keep the conversation flowing and get her instantly interested and attracted to you!!

Chapter #11: A.H.A.B.A. Always Have a Better Answer . . . Or The Seven P’s: Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
Being prepared is the key to success in anything.  When first meeting a girl what you say AFTER you first meet her is more important that the opening line!! On page 54 you’ll see the most effective ways to answer some of the most common things a girl will say to you just after you meet her.  Answers that will instantly have her wanting to spend more time with you!! These are pure gold!!

Chapter #12: How To Use My Tested ‘Magic Words’ When Texting And Using Face-book And The Internet To Meet Lots Of Available Girls. . . On page 59 you’ll see the most effective texts to send a girl you just met. Plus on page 61 and 62 and onwards you’ll get actual texts and face book chats and friend requests that I used to have over 254 girls on my phone and over 500 HOT girls on face book I can now call on for dates and fun times. Some of these lines are so powerful that even I did not always know how to handle the responses I got back!!

Chapter #13: How To Stay Out Of The Dreaded “I Just Want To Be Your Friend’ Zone And Handle The “Let’s Be Friends” Speech . . .Probably the most important chapter of all . . . On page 66 you’ll the incredibly simple but devastatingly effective way to NEVER be thought of as just “The friend” EVER again!! Plus on page 67 you get the simple whisper that you can say to a girl within 3 minutes of meeting her, that will get her instantly turned on without ever offending her.  Even if she is married, has a boyfriend or was in no way looking for any romance!! And she will love you for it, even if she is not interested.  

Chapter #14: Girls Love To Be Touched.  You Should ‘Touch’ Her As Soon As Possible . . .In this chapter you will find the simple ways to touch, kiss and get physical with a girl, even if you are not sure about how she feels about you!! Includes my 5 tested ways to escalate your date or meeting into physical contact to ramp up the attraction!!

Chapter #15: Love The ‘Dance’ Pursue and Seduce Her . . . But NEVER Get Upset When She Says “NO” . . .Discover how to get around a girls natural resistance to getting romantic too easily. And why girls are ‘forced’ by society to protect their reputation since are judged differently to us guys!! 

Chapter #16: The Best Places To Meet Hot Available And Fun Women . . .
On pages 76-77 I reveal some of the best places that most guys never think of to meet women!!  Some of these have literally hundreds of girls dressed up to the nines and NO guys. (Except gays ha ha)

Chapter #17: Hang Out With Guy Friends Who Can Introduce You To Hot Girls... Or Guys Who Are Really Good At Meeting Girls . . .Here you’ll see some simple ways to meet the guys who can introduce YOU to girls.  And the best ways to approach them to make sure they want to put you into their social circle!!

Chapter #18:  Be Friends With Girls Who Can Introduce You To Other Girls. The Power Of Social ‘Proof’ . . .Here you’ll see how to get a circle of GIRLS who introduce you to other girls.  I call them my “agents.”  And hot to get girls to want to go out with you as your ‘wing’ girls and help you meet other girls!  It’s pure magic!!

Chapter #19: Be An Energy Giver – Not a Taker . . . Girls Love To Have Fun. Have Fun, Go a Bit Crazy . . . Do Fun Stuff And Invite The Girls . . .
In this chapter you’ll find the best things to do with girls so that they will always remember you as the guy they had a great time with!! Plus on page 85 I give you the ‘Killer’ line I used to pick up and have lots of fun with 4 Swedish girls aged about 21.

Chapter #20: How To Stay Healthy, Looking Good And Have More Energy Than Guys Half Your Age . . .If you are 18 and an athlete you won’t probably learn anything new here. But if you are like most guys over 30 and even younger, here is my recipe to still look great, pull hot young girls and be able to keep up and even have them begging YOU to stop!! 

Chapter #21:  One Week Of Adventure And Fun . . . A Day-By-Day Diary Account Of How I Meet Girls And You Can Meet Them Too On A Daily Basis
You can pack a LOT of action into just 7 days.  In this chapter you’ll see some the lines I used and places I met girls at during just one 7 day period.  You’ll see that you can pack a lot into just one week if you follow the advice I give you!! Get your share of fun too!!

Chapter #22:  Does Money Help?  How To Use Confidence And Pick Up Skills In Business And Sales To Make Money . . .Hey, lets be honest.  You CAN have more fun if you have some cash to spend!!  No matter what your take is on who should pay on dates etc, having money is not a bad thing.  In this chapter I explain how I used the skills you are getting in this book to make money in business, and you can too!!

Chapter #23: How To Balance Your Family Life and Children With Meeting Girls and Having Fun . . .Some of us DO have kids. I have 5!!  So knowing how to balance your responsibilities and your girl chasing time is important!!

Chapter #24: Women Only: Bad Boys V’s Good Guys!!  Why Women Almost Always Pick The Wrong Kind Of Guy And What To Do About It !!. . .
I just had to write this chapter.  Girls ARE attracted to the kind of guys that most of us aren’t.  But you can get the tips on how to use some of the traits of the “Bad Boys” to get women swooning over you!! And still not be a complete A**hole!!

Chapter #25: Men Only: How To Get Rid Of Hot, Young And Beautiful Girls The Easy And Hassle FREE Way.In this chapter you will discover what are some of the dumb and stupid things men say and do that actually repel girls. You will see several of my worst mistakes that allowed really hot beautiful girls to just slip through my fingers and how to avoid this. On page 120 you’ll get the exact texts you can use to create a bad boy persona without actually being one!! 

Chapter #26: Finding True Love. As The Song Goes . . . Love Is ALL You Need. And Finding That Special Girl Makes It All Worthwhile . . .What is the secret to finding that ONE special girl?  The one that make your life an amazing adventure and is there for you through thick and thin?  Find out in this chapter!!

Chapter #27: Never Ever Give Up. Any Day, Any Moment You Can Meet That ONE Girl Who Can Change Your Life . . .Success comes to those who make a decision, learn the skills necessary and then never give up until they have mastered the skills they want to learn.  This book is your guide . . . it’s up to you to make it happen!! My final words of advice to ensure your TOTAL success!!

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